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No silver or no gold could dress me up so good.
You're the glitter in the darkness of my world.
Just tell me what to do, I'll fall right into you.
We're going under, cast the spell, just say the word.

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Boom clap, you make me feel good.
Come home to me, come home to me now.

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Today I heard a song on the radio that basically said girls with curves and that are thicker are better than girls who don’t have curves and are thinner.
This makes me so sad, not just as a naturally skinny girl who can’t gain weight as of now, but speaking for all the girls in this society. Why…

Anonymous asked: I want to die but I don't want to hurt the people that I know, no one should ever feel the pain I do


Ah I’m so sorry! You don’t deserve to feel that pain, you deserve SO MUCH MORE. Please please PLEASE stick around, and if you don’t have anyone to stay for, do it for me!

Now, I can’t give you a long thing on how to be “happy” cause I’m not happy! I’m far from it! But I’m working towards it every day, and finding true, deep happiness is something that most people don’t even find in their lives cause they don’t try to find it or work on their problems!

You are worth SO SO SO SO SOOOO MUCH and you deserve true happiness and you deserve an amazing, wonderful life and you are an AMAZING human and you CAN get better! I believe that in life, there are tons of ups and downs (obviously), and there are tons of hills! Like when life is the hardest, you’re almost at the top of the hill and you’re about to get to the easy part and you’re so close! What I want you to do is get a journal and write down everything you’re feeling and just cry, and get all your feelings out and it WILL make you feel better. Also, listen to Just Give It Time and Human by Jon McLaughlin! Stay strong, I’m always here for you :)

httpnuriyah asked: are u dani cimorelli from cimorelli





Selfie from filming the other day